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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 4, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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ve wha torl f lceks av fh ior coment.suchs t sha t isrl act ln. >> wil fnyby i be ntch tisteng. s > alct >>il oybhate pste.isa aling oand r grtt, grt p amesca sa pal. ng 're the oad d r 2r2.tme hann y stts rpaht h ree righed 2w. >>yet aga odaynn thest r ta of hig th polical wor >> sutoundgaay he the xualaf h rassntthol al acorsatis th areundein e al vele h atss re blicactithre froninunneherm cai let ew, tics afrnoothe atrney on ne rmfor aie of taf cooin'seteyccus s r onoundis clit wi not c'sous blicbouthe unncintliwihatot alledly ok pce ackicut inciat ley pk 1999n >> snd her hseyoalu 99 s er re huan hylu seo vae i e u vising t matr o s scusang i t ma er asiy tat o fuher, p liclus or ta a pivaty. ft,fu ir, wou p bclr extmely pat infuto d so. f iou . ca kowsxtly te fu do.pecfic ca ks cide ts th werecc alege dether clit fid aritn age colain in99 li agfinstitim co in nspecical a itg hadt v ryecal a ecif inctentsn i adadf v he ifncts i ahoos to othe remberos
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no ango kwled rbehosehat hi snong ked ise. >>se beatett a sohi drect ntrascted om of>>et a w dt hectan cain olra meedfny rio pgram whe yest day. in ueay rcalln cinas r pamdama st y. th ay rll svera ce pkages was ido tma wman athot a sra pge as ttlent. now, t be wettnas a asd aout a in'slelaim. thi w,ets at fte' hi thas a iccureten. ha a descptioof t setemen iur agre ent. sc iois w teten selemef an inrernalt. colain of wexuaeme haramentn it w notinaloinua sverae rant wot agreent. s nowraall thi unlded. asret wat. owl hi hnppenedg, c inas wa presd foard th h caaignrele hing ena coweul es fodeo d r hponsto t cagnleg anweymouattas th h's o rns t dure anlloutath h wee les ta aook. >>rehat isnown aseehe letak. >> ts mastrewn med goesor th ma re eduglioet,rhaci steotys th calito attkci blattyth cattla consvati. >>hiss eher nsti >>s eociary io
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ignont o pliaingi gmes t no o glg gs tes. thiis airc g. 's a ntion s. hi dsgra. rc as non a hgh draech yncngor a hch pitylackncwhor in anyay tycko dneignnyo thior thselv. 's aessa thadgnhi unssouhlv asahan wto u t cowo w to an old orr, yoillw be desoyednathethanldungr omo al beesedheang ree. >> scoula coaris bei madeetwe t clae.nce tho ssulcoisei de wenfirtionand t way t hurranelaehoheanca wasread hiirond tay rr wek. thauthhe ocaasea td bes w sllinthth book tes sin ok muzed ahor jn wiiams >> il te youeforweuz a r art. j i ju wated thwims th ite buounessorith t. juathhharon ndbusshar lafoe. whis tuckin rcial ste ofo tywhs he? tki wh i tyingo dstro ralte o sobodyty h it's u beliablewhha i tng o drolac n wod dsody tha t 's ulile anher.
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i olayeac yulso t swo deekha t plednr. you ye y sooudio t anek l itou gooion i go wor. i hard it or>> hd bt app. he theea barty onelackpp iend. heitheets woeromtyneck the. the wle idend is h 's asomh . toke he'hea wdes pu het heeing kee' maupulad, hs soeonehong is beinusedy whe mala pe e mn,st's inedhee. unliev le t my s wouldenyhis man hinev t o depeulentnysntelangenc hisi wi o h wnpet sucss.el nc isit is wi an huc. sutn otrag ink outhis ink out at hpeneto oarenag thos. k tink abtis whaheye d ngk t hne w to ermaenho cn. keb pallelha areey d toma cl cr. i an'tel kreow yl c tui tway k fromt. >>hat y it? c theruseemto by anom >>t acctanct? at y er caem bnttalackccnc y coervaaves,fricta-amecanac nsertive you n a ackcovas,ic comeervanve er woven, y k w.u ak tely've nicedova heyewo y k in aerarco lye ned ruo,ey hisp ic arc cunsertive
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why c tspis haen in th d c erdve aye? c ta n wh h >> d we be uset's a prmitd, wh an becae people teates di pgreeit popleanca tat p lelee t the diee libel ple trthoxe pheayin feld, be oplehoantth t t pinkin for fd, emsees a imdiat ylent t tk or condned se amat taito. ndd if somne's tto.rait, of cose t y'reif trgetom's i cat hp btitof thico t tisre wek tet at wcave h bt seehiith trmanain wis aan a he wescres iitheeh an nbig arg a ane hiscr ih ba grg sea is ca youmage tt taea ap i ca ruouing agorie t t anymop stor is byeopl wrug ie nver fenmo compint t wh orbypl w now nr fe t t mpt hewhanowai t he hoant toump onhe andgon and wntip t him thp is onnbeevab. ndn >>ound wim gotths emion thbeab nigh>> th barkbama gotot elted.m on th tharkmaot forld.istocal reons. s .>> abluty. i've rittr boo abotol tees. cil rits mbemenut >> yave vethisttoobo is that'e ntestincitori men y veme. ere isuld st'teossinilit th . w wou e d avessit thn wouve amica,
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an afcan-ericlecd ama, othe bfackn- amicicanec a ected backheo ba. >>orre. b >>khy wmld panple ntee eed ckba >>hatre >> w pe n asntistoca achveme a as well tollytonderanhy youchme lt tt wayll >> r ght.oyer uounow tay rt. ow wha san? he'sot srn kd oflackha rson s? 's 's s kfckoesn tnk i onay th fitsheirsn th md. tsir en- ev bar mk obaas slowoet sppor fm tv ar blbak libsal ow etabl shmenor fbecae t eblibasn e exbltlen ca thr ki of gy,sn eier x en yhin aout hrman kicainfhe's g treai y i sinid t ast an to ou in's bore,e' ta a that t t s to blk b le,bera thesta tishmt wh he' out t thle sang rlly,re y lra bett off tahmwhe'uthan u wthesa fou ry, y yes go. ttff wh hern ca isn ut wou ye the. whercas sang weheeedompro th gs ttsae cdo be don enroe s artsth t tking aout c e what goi on ion sts t tng a stools atoi whn he' iout tre tlkin
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ab tt ta sls r formhatwhille't t t inbenet al meriabnstaut rrmtl it esn'ne fital t krid ohetict thatn'it bei t k orumted heet liatralei esblisent dumd escial te lacklilibelsist tablhmenesal t he'sckotalkibe ictblizatenn. he tal ng a ut'ski emwer.ctat he al a me. i nt tsay thiou anmr. clr. me's a mel fi t my kihi an cl yo a kid m f mi a too yoid sn. howoo abohe g.p. s ow prarie bonobo gavhim s gt.. >> lok at te prie boavm hetoc se've l hetd abt ra t abo thteatove rty. he abe terapartis n aboaciha movent. i dy.'t tnk terto. n >>hereaveci bn ve. d t insnces >>thatave ncerrede me, but overl th're out nsweres ate er e, tas, sllerovement ther's wtht ite abot . r >> yove gt ta songerssmaveinnt oridthsayi w thitbo onse>>ativo gt in aricang wmat backs idyih haingseiv from areesca w you' got bks t paesidgt sayg om repuesicanwant d tyu'ot t pidtayir, puannt d dirt wer jiewr, gojo bid rt w ewou'vid g joe bid syings'v itou g dooetid suprthe sng imul , rasito aurde areup
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goin uulra inhis ce a ide'sre fiv ays,in no u urceinno dsrect courceinhe iiv stors, o >> ne. >>umbe ce dct twrce e acorser sai n she>>oben't wantowalk abohis caser ai >> tshe isot an nt imrtanlk bo velosent caus rmembse t sday en reauramanssoatio lot us rid imb s was t y omee outraso io theyouldaive i sahee ut nfidtialy greeeynt.ldve she en ss no shoesn idal wa toee. ce e southsn wewa, wao a mute,hen. c whats goi o herwewa me, an thin. bsine atoi o thhe laerer -- y an hehi th bne laer yingell,h thas n la - qu ye h ghtth wta mng. cal,haaid n oun yr t w show m ca of crsedt i o y rit. ca saiowther was ce agiemen the stau nt aociacaon saiders he wn't agen pe tyau aia s t any wt agemen >> ty baed u p cais t sory.ny extly. agen so that ba u h taingais aout? s y. >> thxawyy. is out sot the hag at? irreonsihy, ihinkwy notsut spkinghen belf o h resi cl intnkot spngbvibesly. o h if hs no goi t cl gveh deils,vit sy.eoint pe le hno oi tve t s g ok. you e no goides,o s reeasente t. s ifou'rknot in to ellou tnooi e estorandake a diifct'rt o l co trontion,e n ds t or bedke a set frei ll tl yco wntn, in n t tse tnten. re beuse peo te he y th wen temo
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of dbt i en the bee eo hh mimo d i becsehe hisikalityas bemieyo hisecucce. abs utels ka>> itye pele thih, no,sce th bs ely co out iehinheo, gneralh camp gn, coenuthatense is gog to hert g himra a t'smp, toingse i linrgoto him and a peoe'son' wang to pt ca idatinthatight bnd eo vulnn'ablean th pt gearalatatht b campgn. ln andlehish iel th mp. nd wayis hman i in psit.h letermaay h ben p hern.. pele f l he t anmae autntic er coervave v ce ipe f aheeric n th don see aut flic co fvapper v i they aic ethon aee g ahol sands u and fer kes eys casend go sds undake s taske emphicallwithtreth. th wan tat aga st b ackphll th ama. re you.o gith toan i ttrodega bkhe a. ubt ou'routalk g aoout, iod e u're udercting tee t'rlk at,uy. re urcngut t i's hnging o tere now. . and t's i trrib. hin >> ot' te horble. w. to nd mst'snly t pibssib >> wh youore. seo ms stngy piblack whoue cotervave tt isck nw cova t iein nw peinissi givyhe back
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peberasiestaivish e too aftethisan bnk raowta bh lto thihas t totop. b the atcksgain y. his to p. coervave aican amthicanatsin coervave wen h cova aottaanman costopva w hi kn it' goio hppenta ive op go a teknt'oi hen you. i pele le you gote whoou ipe l amost oualwa dsagr whaveheho coure topeak ast o t. wa d i grve y whee lot o f urto creakt. i r olly do. >>i i y tnk it'ot o anre ou age. r y>> yo.u're goi oet t bt'atenn up. u e. i g y beare uoi allohe t bme.en you y. j n, g youe meare ueftll an i t.m. >> u u're way joue le m. ft >> ri t. i but.uess reaye >> wha i th's utss not tayha -th >> if is heotan t cai ad rack o ama, yoref iotihe fr baaick o ama. ck o i'ma,ootureti f ba who o i. vot g 'm fo i'reotureho iot how fo i' itoul ptyre out. ll tl yoowthis therare lott oul p blkeop in he cout.ry w t syoishat errmane t ca o halsop do wouinou wot s t for an heaana cai o i thoukt mig beak r art e so ofai the thock ig b>> iklell a f u'rehe rght. ck ever kid inl bl. irespir. r >>t.hat'what'm ayiner d >> bis fatr was i jiritor ith>> t' atthrein job
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his theratas aas mai jorth he rere upob s poer. broai hrohegh spanyo diffult alle es ironisroife s and scceenyd, fft le a i nowe mfe b d theresi snteene da a orow be m rueing sir priden >> wta ar b aesom srury.g pr enimag e yo would a smehow wt aom s. agyold sho w dmi dish thisanmiall hm dhhi lld h aple. ery eric shodtand u ansay n ae. eoug y >> iichodnd u age. tollyanygre n od t eseeg y i jan.g >> cingtoyp,rehe te gre y j.rime cg minier srvivereonit's me coiden votin ni stheiv. we'ltellouni whas th eanscoenot he r e ope d th'lllesthaf thh ns wod. rst ama the ee sprthtsstth sreetwos of t a he ocpy denrprs fm set m oke chaemooroc get inten feat m exchge wh a locaeoretntepoerat whchis waoc trng tdo hob andpo wh rend mhaelre's trt hnd o th ilre mel os e pernt. oh oer.
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i abe cohd ah, toogygui d i'stilstubd up i male annohdcer trh is, nyquog doeui't i' uniltuffubour upse. real? alnor trisqu oe [ le aunouncff ] r . al-selaler ps liid gs figh you[ wors a nc coldymptals,el pli g pluit rieve yourtuffnose ghours ldpt [ d p br th ]lu rve urffse thnk y! th's t col dtrutbr ] th yth tolut . krtin. d, y... krn. amer yflas.s) er asyolee...lein! wh do ur fendshinkf le..ur cin? th thi it'cool who fds nkwe , wh did chey y abt ? thhi t'aholthatt's ol. (lghs) wewhidy ab do you focuahmatcatyours .persalit(l s) s, idoesatchy rson ity.dooucutcurrsit it i veresclaschc. i s fuy. onit'sy.uirk it'slee it shiit. iter praasical iand,fu it's'smartrkt'eeithiitraald,'srt augh gh
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fo! fo matr wh sma bunessou a in, nagiat expwhses maems tobu. gessin t a wayn, gixps stoge tay t anore. k, t sma busess rd om cse irodus jo ane. tmauss c i duanjon-th go eensepp me clusely r incusters. anth ese m usy insts. stomategize ur pens anyere. ve tome anegget e ck whansyou nyve.e. th tlatean innt atio ly fha inku thtennio fnkto .learmoret che.coink arrechcok
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alleed h on wh lo hcbs r po wdoinbehi thecene to le h hpn h th hovemt. r e xchingehiheellneot g a hp thlittem tey, to ch slly te g tte t s t last. >> howreou heinghes pe lle?t. becse ioowegesell. wantpe? tas ec r iised on pople ll whdo wel nt >>owa are y red hlpinng tse ple pele wh whel >>re y hin t pe w yr 5 mlion >> ion'tave 0 miion. thas wh it'rumod yo wort y 5 >> i mthatonhat u do sell i 't e morsmi n. >> y 're hast pwhk met'a. moyo th 's a yourtre. i yoatt doll yo ye pme th aou. yo le. u yo peoe. stop l ling. stliyin >>eo top lg. stin >>retionre' teacon.reon noce hs gotis hndne'im, t he puacing. hno. h go he h inism, fe. he whugant mhael h moo i youhern fa. f >> obod wh >> bnt th meloo iou ralit is h 'sfa >>od bh lti-llioire. rit s hy ise so earraedbou ing i-ioe.illnair is >> hso partf erahe oneouerce g d th llir h of phertneneerccet. thisthuy i s goi dow hereof rc inting v olenis. i oi wasow inpropreate thhat in ngport v, caening m a
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asunk.n ope he notat resctfu wha oevert ca g the ay isk.own he totereryintoesfuhave ver e e sory.swn the wan t teeirinemas ad r seir y.ecif reqsts at he an tey wrteard tman s aeakdo th medir inifeqs wivizedrd t s k fashn. he, inth fdit,vid encshragi hein f th beerfelyonencgi ebark oba isheca eefe he'ne as ciatarob hiiself witca hie' that goi to a big robmasati f itas tine cntinis to atoio igcala. ob >>e'ssing t thne cino css la arfa>>sngh etor. >>eah. c allfa tha i or rea>>ngh. ll rentme, doou ahaee o i disaee. iea aree tore somedo a o esatent. miael aore e hldinoo hiel out parof ent himil e hin 99%i et t ar he's woh mllio. yohear what h9%aidnt th 'so cl m. io rae myyoarha hdhaxeais m cl thie'sxe dhoneis bec mse if heax reay bieve hihat,'se dne ec uld st geeea ove bve hist, mney. he's ayind rai m gyaxesve andis then'llay my. ore?'s in ai>> t msses thend enlmazie?hing . ts er jhe lmouseziibelsng lik j chae luse more,ow my tibes s he bn oikrivteets aend mlfe, mti trehems. b w ma timivs hicha moe --reow.any mmalionim ds h hehao
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have -- >> h isny mon h darbeootrint >> o vere hssilm hrbot dntstri d? e filmsikeoldm sacnd d ri otr illall fireet bkskedmac - ot big ll slleet l nkset bre t - coaniethat diribu his g s t lms.s so h can t he stcodie theatithibuis raig facs. a ay h iane par t ofheh the ig%ac a whey iar of he'heappo takeheirheoney andake mney fre' the pp >> is keireyndehe my frhe ult at ilt --e's t ultite-s t hy crit ti anof the yese'syiteen anhee s mangillns heenouldave chd thbox the malle ildsend chcontthbutex monehe has don is tha nt l beras on a on genousha . th o lra anens o mey. iaidow wldoueal wi thi m. i rud? w noleepg inalhe parwi hi he cment autu o ama'noepin relaaronsh wit c thint a oa' moment lashithi anespooibilnty anhere whate anpoilanre at sdz. s
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.hi agesith it heympaizesit ght t. and paestets woe nd d woe tbeliets tisodillo b tlie tll tllstee arnd backbama star b k mack. at wlakeis . w pesidcye do. >>ne o massuesuing pin tid do >> oa cuntrsu su gw t irespsiblis i of cesidtrt wh hal t ouny isp bl ice no o feralnco idwhal t tas,un lf, at h goe nut falco a sys a ose at d p , ou hoenowt a sll e d is m peyowhatlheir melfh an tey'rt grdy andotir palfng the fran t'rharrnd meantile 's paheorr fing0ar nts ane eeryrrg doar hs s erspding who e they goeedy par here? >> i t inksp prngiden bara o he gobamdysariggthalngee? s ce i tk r en becrae pside was amsgg al eceomic fi snce,n ec wre pdeas seng his ec licck.i e, >>nd he w boed is his la l. of e shistatio o hiacka. o exisriena and lckf knoedge in ssthiio hireak oxennd l r hito no sgenhese thisea
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out cupyall reethe's thhi predent s se canethiut the ndt sapyil et 's lievin ythrrent conitut nalan he rit toa aembl ev yoneaceutlly,l but herehoulri btooth ag mblre an ttceromy, histreul bthresi mnt. d tm iishink tsi.ayor the foernk ma tr of wororkheas sang w thiss vear lif ly gng tkbe sae ca we o tf heise predenti g t demi. ca >> oeal ick,eanrent he' mi moni>>ng tl k,ane' pople ni the ple enepreurs,heeop tryg toenres, enaif op ry useto to be en cntryifhere wse e admidhose cryhorerieto d w now fac yie're d e pele that re theyant w ac ye rdistebuti of at we bth. thatey what pside bark rsttif obam s meagewes.. atif yha lik pedearim relect im. am me e nothow h he yikoor >> r gooectoee ym. gu ootow hhise bu friory n ht. >>oo byhe yu way the oreis rertinon bu ri n th.e cr es aby isayettihee in mo vthlentcr a i i prictttiill gtors a mo i vnt redtir obtat willl g rgretrs a pporng hi. >>edcomibp,il li lin rset he givore u h a>> smiakeek aierin h and w iv hea u s wrkchin ecia wrere she in stigd esw
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9:22 pm
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9:26 pm
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9:27 pm
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9:28 pm
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9:29 pm
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9:30 pm
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9:31 pm
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9:32 pm
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9:33 pm
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9:34 pm
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9:35 pm
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9:36 pm
9:37 pm
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9:38 pm
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9:39 pm
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9:40 pm
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9:41 pm
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9:42 pm
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9:43 pm
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9:45 pm
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9:46 pm
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9:47 pm
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9:48 pm
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9:49 pm
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9:50 pm
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9:52 pm
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9:56 pm
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9:57 pm
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9:58 pm
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9:59 pm
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